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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1776 Worldwide: 'Czech Donald Trump' Poised to Become Prime Minister

Billionaire businessman Andrej Babiš and his party currently hold a commanding lead in the polls days before a major election in the Czech Republic that could propel Babiš into power as the country’s next prime minister.

Babiš, an entrepreneur who made his fortune in agribusiness and has expanded his empire to include newspapers, television and restaurants, founded the anti-establishment ANO party and was the country’s finance minister and a deputy prime minister until recently.

ANO, an acronym representing ‘Action of Dissatisfied Citizens’ but also the Czech word for ‘yes,’ has dominated the polls for months, holding steady above 30% popularity with the next closest party far behind at less than 14%. Voting will take place on October 20th.


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