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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Styrofoam Insulation Ordinance Passed In OC

OCEAN CITY — Resort officials this week approved on second reading a building code amendment that will allow for stronger enforcement on pollution associated with the installation of Styrofoam insulation used on the exteriors of many development projects.

Through much of the summer, Ocean City officials have been attempting to address the pollution associated with the installation of Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS), most commonly known by the trade name Dry-Vit on many new construction projects in the resort. The EIFS are desirable because they can easily be adapted to fit unique architectural features on new buildings and are generally the most cost-effective insulations systems, but what is not desirable is the frequent “snowstorms” of plastic pellets that carry through the air and settle on adjacent properties, on the beaches and dunes and in the waterways.

On Tuesday, the Mayor and Council approved an amendment to the town’s building code that will require contractors to use best management practices to contain the snowstorm of Styrofoam pellets or run the risk of having a project shut down.



Anonymous said...

Since NOTHING is enforced in this town, wonder how the DryVit police will work!

Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

You know what - I'm a contractor and this is the way I feel about their Styrofoam ban. I'm going to appeal to the Dryvit contractors association for a complete boycott of OC and then we'll see what happens when all of their existing buildings and other structures start to look dilapidated and run down. As an old established OC contractor I am really getting pissed-off at all of the regulatory licenses, hours of operation, traffic, building permit fees & inspections. To be quite frank, it is easier to collect welfare and not to work at all than it is to try and exist in the Ocean City municipal carnival atmosphere. Every time I get involved down there - it seems as though I have been pick-pocketed.

Anonymous said...

455 - a perfect example of City FAIL in Ocean City. Unbelievable!