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Saturday, September 30, 2017

National Sanctuary City Sting Ends With Nearly 500 Illegal Aliens Arrested

President Donald Trump hasn’t appeared to be all that focused on his campaign promise of cracking down on illegal immigration, complete with a new border wall, but the facts don’t lie. While the media was busy clutching their proverbial pearls over the President’s comments regarding the National Football League, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were hard at work rustling up illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities.

ICE officials confirmed that 498 criminal aliens were detained by law enforcement in the course of a four-day long sting that targeted 10 cities around the nation.

And before liberals jump on their high horses about “breaking up families” and “innocent brown people just trying to achieve the American dream,” these people are not the kind of people we want living in the United States.

317 of them had criminal convictions, 68 of them are immigration fugitives, 104 of them came back into the country illegally after previous deportations, and 18 of them are known gang members, or have gang affiliations.

107 of them were detained in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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