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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Survey of 20 House Dem Candidates Finds Only One Willing to Vote for Pelosi to Remain Leader

A survey of 20 Democratic House candidates found only one willing to vote for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) to remain leader of the House Democratic Caucus, and one who would vote for someone else.

The other 18 declined to say whether they would vote for Pelosi, McClatchy reports. Kia Hamadanchy, the lone Pelosi supporter and a former Senate staffer, is running in California's 45th district, which includes parts of Orange County.

By contrast, Kenneth Harbaugh, who is running in Ohio's seventh district, was unequivocal in his opposition to Pelosi.

"We are overdue for a new generation of leadership," he said. "We have a remarkable opportunity in front of us, and it's going to take new thinking and new leadership to capitalize on it."



Anonymous said...

New thinking and new leadership. Hear that, Hillary, Maxine, Nancy and the rest of you dinosaurs?

Anonymous said...

Time for her OLD Corrupt butt to GO !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This could be a scary thing, democrats starting to think.

Anonymous said...

2 term LIMITS !!! Problem Solved

Anonymous said...

She is the devil and she will be Voted out !!!!!