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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Baltimore Chaos - Ceasefire In "Violence-Plagued" City Starts Today

A ceasefire between Baltimore “gang leaders, drug dealers and others linked to the violence” has been agreed on and will come into effect on Friday.

This is an act of desperation from a community that is currently experiencing a homicide rate doubled of Chicago’s and a murder count higher than NYC. The ceasefire aims to stop the killings for at-least 72-hours, starting on August 04-06.

The slogan selected by organizers gets right to the point: “Nobody kill anybody”.

Violent crime in Baltimore has flourished over the past few years, due to the “Ferguson Effect”, along with the death of “Freddie Gray” that triggered Baltimore’s April 2015 riots.

According to the Economist, Baltimore may see more than 400 murders this year. This would indicate 2017 will be the deadliest year ever on record.



Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. This is Baltimore today? My home town? A moratorium on people killing each other.
My god, where did it all go so wrong?
Does ANYBODY see what the future of this once-great nation holds when something like this is the norm?
This is worse than a third-world country.

Anonymous said...

Very sad that it has come to this (looking at the O's stadium on TV tonite - not many in attendance).

VERY VERY sad officials allowed this to happen and CONTINUE!

Anonymous said...

"Ferguson Effect " Freddie Gray...BS!
Has nothing to do with that. Has everything to do with the "leadership". They encouraged this lawlessness.

Anonymous said...

How bout get your .... 2gether work as a whole and improve your lifes 2 day cease how bout a yr killn eachother 4 petty ....

Anonymous said...

Send in the national guard in these crime, drug infested cities. Its sad to know that this will never happen because of the corruption involved in the agencies and government that's SUPPOSED to be preventing

lmclain said...

I bet a whole lot of people get shot in the legs, or somewhere close.
They didn't say they wouldn't WOUND anyone.

Anonymous said...

THE most corrupt city maybe in the entire country. The money that has poured into that city via grants to assist the so-called leaders into making it a better city is enormous, and to no avail.
7.1 MILLION for "The City That Reads" program. WHERE did that money go? My daughter is a 5th grade teacher in Baltimore and received 250 bumper stickers to distribute to her students with that slogan - and nothing else!

Anonymous said...

I'll look in the morning to see how well this worked out for them tonight.

7:25 -- No one is at Camden yards because the O's are bad -- not because of inner city killings.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't hold my breath

Anonymous said...

A few hours in and we have 2 victims.... more to come

Anonymous said...

Don't bet on that. Baltimore crime has all but dried-up the city's convention business, and has certainly had an effect on O's attendance.
While not publicized, the once thriving destination of HarborPlace is a ghost town in the evenings. No one with any sense at all would walk any street in Baltimore after dark.
(And I'll agree that the O's pitching has contributed somewhat to the drop in attendance!)


I agree, my daughter is also a 5th grade teacher in Baltimore (Music). I constantly worry about her safety even with students as young as hers. She tells me horrible stories that happen if you give the students a bad grade their parents will threaten your life especially if you discipline those students in any way. She refuses to let the students get their way so again I fear for her safety. The school officials will help in no way. However she refuses to give up on her students that really want to be there and really want to listen. Putting her own life at risk. She along with other teachers are the only normal thing in a lot of these kids lives. If they give up on these kids they will absolutely have nothing left because the parents and the government have already given up on them and let them do what they want. It is disheartening and very sad that you can not even speak the Pledge of Allegiance in school anymore.