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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Maybe We Don’t Need To Take So Many Prescription Drugs

Do you take any prescription drugs? If so, you’re in the majority in this country. Drugs are life-saving or life-lengthening interventions most of the time, but can also interact with each other and cause further health problems.

Our colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports took a nationally representative phone survey of adults, and found that most people are on multiple medications, yet haven’t had all of them reviewed by a health care professional, and that different prescribers that we see may pile on more drugs instead of trying lifestyle interventions that may work as well or better without side effects.



Anonymous said...

Where would Democrats get their money from if not from big Pharma ?

Anonymous said...

You wonder why drug companies want you taking all kinds of drugs. It makes them rich so they can pay per sample:
Democrats say they are for cheaper medicine, but look:
Chuck Schumer has accepted over one million dollars from pharmaceutical companies!
Corey Booker accepted $385,000
From pharmaceutical companies!
Bob Mendez accepted $296,000
Michael Bennet accepted $396,000
Tom Carper Delaware accepted$225,000
Joe Donnelly Ind accepted $245,000
Martin Heinrich,New Mexico accepted $150,000
Heidi Heitkamp , North Carolina accepted $69,000
Patty Murray,Washington accepted $477,000
Jon Tester,Montana accepted $135,000
Mark Warner ,Virginia accepted $168,000
Bob Casey,Pennsylvania accepted $470,000
Chris Coons,Delaware accepted $229,000
Maria Cantwell,Washington accepted $59,000.
All these members accepted money from large Pharmaceutical companies, they can't vote against them!
This is why prescriptions drugs are so high and they keep pushing doctors to push them even if you do not need them.