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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Campaigns in Maryland: What Does It Take to Win?

With candidates already gearing up for the 2018 elections, Common Cause Maryland released an analysis today of legislative candidates’ fundraising totals from the 2014 election cycle. The data helps document how fundraising expectations for candidates are rising across the state.

From 2011–2014, senators received an average of $290,070 in contributions, compared to a $79,878 average for delegates.

“Interestingly enough, the data showed no universal trend,” said Susan Radov, Summer Research Associate for Common Cause Maryland and author of the report. “Geographical location greatly influenced the average amounts raised by candidates; however, the competitiveness of a seat as well as a candidate’s leadership position and political aspirations greatly impacted candidates’ fundraising efforts.”

Fundraising by individual candidates certainly drove up the averages. Fifteen successful Senate candidates each raised over $250,000; 11 broke $300,000 and seven raised over $400,000. In the House, 28 candidates raised over $150,000, 14 broke $200,000 and two raised more than $300,000.



Anonymous said...

I see nothing about contributions coming from the DC / Maryland suburbs which floods our elections with out of state and Democrat party money. How much money comes from true Marylanders?

lmclain said...

I'm calling BS on those numbers.

Anonymous said...

With donations given to PACs, the true numbers of where the money came from will remain a secret.

Anonymous said...

Keep feeding all the Crooks $$$$$$$$$ dummies !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Instead, give all this waisted $$$ to animal shelters and

people who need it ...........