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Monday, August 28, 2017

‘Appalling and unacceptable’: Too many drivers pass school buses illegally

GAITHERSBURG, Md. — Twenty-five school buses in Montgomery County are equipped with automated cameras to ticket vehicles that pass stopped buses, and police say they’re catching a disturbing number of violations.

“Twenty thousand people passing a stopped school bus is appalling and unacceptable. And we have to do better,” said Capt. Thomas C. Didone, director of traffic for Montgomery County police.

To raise awareness about what police consider a significant safety issue for the upcoming school year, the department reported Friday that during last school year, school bus cameras issued 19,566 tickets. During summer school, 525 citations were issued.



Anonymous said...

$1000 fine susp lic x 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Revenue enhancement at it's finest!
Remember it's for the children!
Great way to generate revenue when the cops can't be there!
Like speed camera's you can spin this anyway you want.
They will tell you that if you are not breaking the law, you have nothing to worry about, but I say where will it stop? Every one should be concerned.

Anonymous said...

Can't even stop repeat drunks not going to stop child killers.

Anonymous said...

Here's a novel thought...:

The roads are for everyone - we all pay taxes and should get equal access! The rights of one group should not take away the rights of another group! When a bus has multiple cars waiting behind him, he should be required to pull over and let cars pass so as to not impede traffic. The buses are already on a dawdling schedule - they should NOT hold up every driver for the entire bus route!

Anonymous said...

just leave the country know one will miss you. It cost 1000 dollars one way ticket to Germany. Bye

Anonymous said...

This insanity would be reduced if the following was done:

Stop displaying lights and sign when none of the passengers boarding or discharging are going to cross the street.

Stop displaying lights and sign when nobody is boarding or discharging.

Stop displaying lights and sign when boarding or discharging passengers from the shoulder of divided highway.

Discontinue the practice of having school buses stops that are less then 3,000' apart.


Zorro said...

kids are sissy....they stop at every home a cab driver

Anonymous said...

I thought the painted lines acted as a barrier.