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Monday, July 10, 2017

Underestimating the Trumps. America underestimated the Reagans, too

Mark my words – the wind is turning. Donald and Melania Trump are leaders – persistent, consistent, from the heart. Some expected this, many did not. But underestimating these two would be a profound mistake.

The first clear turn signal was the Inauguration speech. It was concise, incisive, blunt and uncompromising. No more blah-blah and calculated pampering, national self-derision or happy talk for the sake of media approval. No more pretending personal differences and sincere opinions were bad, individual character and national sacrifice irrelevant, honor and history no longer material.

To those who wished America would again be proud of who we are, the speech affirmed that long tunnels do end and light does exist, even after years of economic and moral malaise, even with security threats mounting and international respect declining. The future is what we make it; it should be an extension of our proud past, not a departure from it.

Then came the disciplined and bipartisan State of the Union speech. Those clad in white on the Left, who dared not clap or stand, could barely believe their ears. The president was compelling, honest, and inclusive. He spoke to all Americans, not just supporters. He validated them, offered answers, summoned higher angels. The Left was confused.



lmclain said...

It's because he's real.
He didn't do this to add another line to his resume or to fulfill some historic imperative. Definitely didn't do it for the money.
He did it (and his message resonated with millions) because he looked around and said what so many millions of us said....WTF is happening to our values, our freedom, our security, our leadership in the world, and our very future? Why are we talking about which weird thing gets to go the restroom right behind your 7 year old daughter when we have 50 million people on welfare??
Despite a determined and concerted (as in "team effort") by mainstream media to convince "we, the people" that Trump is unqualified (but had no problem with obama?? seriously??) and incompetent, well continues to kick their
And with news leader CNN creating fake news scenes, he will continue to put the strap to 'em...

Anonymous said...

Reading the words of any TRump supporter these days is like listening to members of the Jonestown cult...they drank the coolaid to the very end even as others around them scary and pathetic what has happened to the party of Reagan....

lmclain said...

Trump supporters are surprised the other side has anyone who can read.