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Monday, July 10, 2017

Articles: Trump Grinds the G20, the Bureaucratic Underground, and CNN into Hamburger

This was a week of startling contrasts. The President reasserted (against a decades-long leftist attack on it) the significant achievements of Western civilization and the need to vigorously defend it. His speech prefaced the G20 meeting in Hamburg, where leftists rioted, burned, and looted while the G20 leaders ponced about and wined and dined in style, apparently oblivious to the havoc which their open border policies and multiculturalist mindset had birthed. As Trump worked successfully on trade and defense issues in Europe, his administration was quietly plugging security leaks and maladministration in our own bureaucratic underground.

A. Poland

Western Europe has been blinded by ideological nonsense. On the one hand it has worked assiduously to separate religion and politics. On the other hand, it has welcomed in hordes of Islamists. In contrast, to quote Zoltan Balog, Hungary’s Minister for Human Resources “in the case of Islam it is religion that determines politics.”



Anonymous said...

France's NATO dollar commitment only has to last as long as it takes them to scuttle their fleet, torch their air force, drop their weapons and open a nice bottle of wine to accompany that cheese they offer those who invade them.

Anonymous said...

Trump only wore a US flag lapel pin for the trip and refused to wear the G20 pin. Thank you for representing America, not the world!

Anonymous said...

2:08. Yep. We No longer have to worry about America's place of leadership in the world.

Anonymous said...

I thank God every day that Donald J Trump is our president. Hillary would have been a major suck up at an event like that.