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Monday, July 10, 2017

Pro-Trump Group Working to Tell Americans 'What Is Really Going on'

A grassroots group of Americans says it is spending millions of dollars to prove to how President Donald Trump is being unfairly slammed in the media.

"We're spending millions and millions of dollars on social media, digital media and commercials on regular TV . . . to tell the American people what is really going on," Ted Harvey, chairman of the Committee to Defend the President, said Friday to Newsmax TV's JD Hayworth.

"You look at the mainstream media is doing. They are pretty much admitting that it is a full scale attack against the president and the conservative agenda. They're unabashedly going after the president."

Harvey, a former Colorado state senator, said he believes there is a nefarious group within the U.S. government determined to undermine the Trump administration.


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