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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ron Paul Warns "Central Bankers Are Always Wrong...Especially Before A Bust"

The global dollar-based monetary system is in serious jeopardy, according to former Texas Congressman Ron Paul. And contrary to Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s assurances that there won’t be another major crisis in our lifetime, the next economy-cratering fiat-currency crash could happen as soon as next month, Paul said during an interview with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative media. Paul and Sigurdson also discussed false flag attacks, the dawn of a cashless society and the dangers of monetizing national debt.

Paul started by saying Yellen's attitude scares him because "central bankers are always wrong - especially before a bust."

“There is a subjective element to when people lose confidence, and when is the day going to come when people realize we’re dealing with money that has no intrinsic value to it, we’re dealing with too much debt, too much bad investment and it will come to an end. Something that’s too good to believe usually is and it usually ends. One thing’s for sure, we’re getting closer every day and the crash might come this year, but it might come in a year or two.”

“The real test is can it sustain unbelievable deficit financing and the accumulation of debt and it can’t. You can’t run a world like this, if that were the case Americans could just sit back and say “hey, everybody wants our money and will take our money.”

Paul advised that, for those who are already girding for the crash by buying gold and silver and stocking their basements with provisions like canned food and bottled water, the rewards for their foresight will only grow with the passage of time.



Anonymous said...

Most Americans simply do not understand that this issue (Fiat US Dollar destruction) is the most important issue facing our world.

Anonymous said...

I SECOND THAT 2:40 !!!!!

Anonymous said...

What make you think that?

Anonymous said...

It's kind of like saying the "big" earth quake is going to hit California....yeah it might, the stock market is headed for a major crash....yeah it might.....BUT WHEN???? So live the rest of your life in fear....DON'T THINK SO!!!! Ran Paul is a hero and know it all in his own mind. Eliminate the deficit....wipe it out...not a third world country around that cares about its debt....why should the U.S.???? None of them will ever repay us.... There was an old song "Nothin' from Nothin' leaves Nothin'....WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN!