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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Maryland 'price gouging' law meets immediate legal challenge

State lawmakers have been searching for ways to curb major price increases on medicines in recent years, but Maryland, the only state that has passed a law aimed at such "price gouging" practices, already is facing legal barriers.

The law, formally known as the "Prohibition Against Price Gouging for Essential Off-Patent or Generic Drugs," gives the state attorney general authority to challenge drug companies when they have significantly raised the prices of a generic drug to an "unconscionable" level or one that is "excessive" and "not justified." The law passed in April and is set to go into effect Oct 1.

Advocates say they hope the law can reduce healthcare costs and health insurance premiums. Opponents, including generic drug-makers, counter that the law's language is not only too vague but is likely in violation of the U.S. Constitution. They note that prescription drug prices are not set by states, and that the power to regulate interstate commerce belongs to the federal government.

Armed with those arguments, the Association for Accessible Medicines, which represents generics, filed a lawsuit against the attorney general and the state health secretary.

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Anonymous said...

Big Pharma has already paid plenty of money to the Federal Government to secure their monopoly pricing advantages, and they do not wish to have to pay off local and state employees as well.

Fair is fair in a Facist Police State.
Once the companies have paid bribes to federal authorities they should not have to pay additional bribes to state authorities.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest and forthcoming. The Association for Accessible Medicines represents not so much generics as it does the companies who produce generics, who, strangely enough, are virtually the only financial contributors to the association.
They have a big war chest. This is going to cost the state a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

Get on the internet and buy your drugs from Canada,all you have to do is have your doctor fax your prescription to them and they are a hell of a lot cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Why does this law not be all inclusive on consumer products and services? I would love to see what it would do to the price of petroleum products.

Anonymous said...

It's even easier than 2:17 says. The doctor writes me a paper script and I email it as an attachment directly to the Canadian pharmacy. No muss, no fuss.

Anonymous said...

Start by cutting taxes and here on the shore stop the piggy back tax then maybe we can buy our medical drugs. (map)

Anonymous said...

that pot that Mike Lewis valued at $150,000 is definitely price gouging.

Anonymous said...

I HOPE INSULIN makes this list. Sis pays over 300 for hers. That's WITH insurance.