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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jane Sanders Cries ‘Sexism’ After Being Accused of Bank Fraud

Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, has been in hot water after it was discovered that she may be guilty of committing fraud. The FBI has been investigating her since the beginning of the 2016 presidential election, but Jane isn’t about to take responsibility for her actions. No, instead, she says that it’s all about sexism.

In early 2016, Brady Toensing filed a complaint against Jane Sanders, alleging bank fraud. Toensing’s investigation into Sanders began in 2014, several years before her husband would decide to mount a presidential run. The fraud accusations involve her time as president of Burlington College, a small, independent liberal-arts university in Vermont.

From 2004-2011, Sanders was head of the school, with the university quickly facing into financial difficulties under her leadership. With millions of dollars in debt, Sanders is alleged to have falsified loan documents in order to further expand the university grounds. She claimed that the school could raise over $2 million in donations to pay for the loan, but past donations had been significantly lower than that amount. Sanders eventually left the university, and the school went bankrupt.



Anonymous said...

Well, what else would we expect. She was caught (metaphorically) with her hand in the cookie jar so it only follows that she would cry foul. It is sad that the Sanders' took advantage of millions with their liberal/socialistic run for the presidency who gave so much to the campaign. Does anyone know that they own three homes?

Anonymous said...

Deflecting responsibility for their actions any and every way possible - it's the dumbocrat way!

While Bernie actually lost because the HildaBeast and the DNC admittedly rigged the primaries, the American public really didn't want socialism! The HildaBeast was sooooo crooked, carried sooooo much baggage from her failure as a senator, and had bad blood on her hands from Benghazi that only the non-contributors in society would vote for her!

Anonymous said...

isn't justice blind? Who cares if you're male or female, white or black? if you commit fraud, you're guilty.

Anonymous said...

Just get all the facts. Look at all the corruption and lock her up.

Anonymous said...

What happens to the rest of us poor schnooks when we falsify a bank loan application should be the same for her, in proportion to the size of the loan.