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Thursday, July 13, 2017

PTSD is PHYSICAL not psychological

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a physical condition, not a psychological one, a new study claims.

Brain scans reveal veterans who experienced traumatic stress as well as head injuries had different shaped brains from their fellow servicemen who did not suffer PTSD.

Those tormented by their experiences had a larger amygdala - the brain region responsible for emotion and fear - than those that did not.

The findings published by the University of California, San Diego, on Tuesday open the field to explore physiological treatments for the mental illness.

'Many consider PTSD to be a psychological disorder, but our study found a key physical difference in the brains of military-trained individuals with brain injury and PTSD, specifically the size of the right amygdala,' said lead author Dr Joel Pieper.



AComeHere said...

Makes some sense. The areas of the brain that get used most get developed most. Then when it is no longer necessary they can't just shut it off.

Anonymous said...

This begs the question, did these people have larger amygdalae before they went into the service? Could people susceptible to PTSD be screened out before exposure to the stress?

Curious to see those test results...

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued!! I've been diagnosed with PTSD and I absolutely get overwhelmed with social anxiety, totally avoid any interaction especially in today's world. I can't deal with the way society takes for granted and pisses on what people like myself sacrificed so much for

Anonymous said...

Pot. CBD oil. Magic mushrooms. Ayahuasca. LSD. Five treatment options right there. Social stigma maybe but if it works, it works.