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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ocean City Not Equipped For Emergency Text Message Reports

OCEAN CITY – Discussions on technology that could send text alerts to the Ocean City Police Department in emergency situations were placed on the back burner this week after officials concluded the resort’s current system could not handle texting capability.

In a Police Commission meeting Monday, Councilman Dennis Dare, chair of the commission, introduced the topic after hearing concerns and comments from two citizens at a June meeting of the Mayor and Council.

While one citizen expressed concerns over the level of violence in the downtown area during the month of June, Dare said the other, Scott Chismar, suggested a five-digit text that would alert the Ocean City Police Department of any situations at a certain location.

Dare said the concept is similar to technology used during Orioles games at Camden Yards, where guests can text any issue and a numeric location to stadium security.



Anonymous said...

Pssst - this is one of the MANY more important issues than landscaping inspections...or painting trash cans....or media walls in front of SEACRETS so drunks don't play frogger....or new trams on the boardwalk.....or inlet/metered parking.

We talk about TERM LIMITS in Federal and State legislature, why not with the Ocean City Council??


Anonymous said...

That Theobald guy couldn't figure out a 3rd grade crossword puzzle, much less a technical advancement. Another 6 figure loser Dennis Dare hired.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they just upgrade the whole 911 radio system?

Now they need a new one?