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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

OUT Magazine Encourages Readers to ‘Drop’ Gay Republican Friends

OUT Magazine has encouraged its readers to “drop” gay conservative friends in a new article titled, “What To Do When Your Friend’s a Gay Republican.”

“We drop friends all the time for a whole variety of reasons—they messed with our loves lives, they lied, they weren’t supportive—so why do some people think it’s such an outlandish idea to dump them for their political views?” asked actor, singer, and writer Michael Musto in his column for OUT Magazine, which featured a picture of former Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos. “I think there’s a misguided sense that, ‘It’s a free country and people have the right to believe what they want. Why should I let their political opinions interfere with a long-running friendship?'”

“The truth is, there is no law that ‘free speech’ means you have to keep a friend who promotes the Republican agenda any more than you have to keep someone who calls you a cow,” Musto continued. “Everything in a friendship that might have seemed good suddenly goes sour when I learn that they advocate Trump and his hideousness, which involves attempting to diminish rights for women, LGBTQs, Muslims, immigrants, the arts, and the non-rich, not to mention all those treasonous-sounding doings with Russia.”



Anonymous said...

OK kids let's just talk about this for a moment.We are considered mammals , I don't know of any other species that are gay out of hundreds of thousands of species. Having said that , I do believe that gays have a mental disorder and should be considered mentally ill. We could give them gay housing in a fenced in area similar to a jail. They want equal rights when they are far from equal
or even close. Gays cannot reproduce , they are a menace to all people. Send them to the middle east , problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Trump has said nothing of the sort. All I see him saying is that he loves America and all of its People.

How is that anti-anybody?

Anonymous said...

It's part of this Resist thing. They're not sure what they're resisting, or why, but it makes them feel like they're doing something constructive and noble.

Anonymous said...

Why just gay republicans and not all republicans? Why do you snowflakes need to make it about sexual orientation? I'm not gay but I will kiss a dude if it means liberals will stop talking to me.

Anonymous said...

0935, I am a gay Republican but first and foremost am American and this article nails the LGBT community's attitude on the head. Its a horrific and bigoted group of people. Having said that, why don't we send you to the middle east? I bet I'll last longer there than you will. Also, please do some research. Hundreds of species of animals exhibit gay relationships. Many bird species mate for life with two of the same sexes. This article is about liberals displaying the ultimate act of bigotry. Please do not stoop to their level and make yourself out to be an even more horrendous biggot.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is a behavior.
It is not an identity.

It is not WHO we are, it is WHAT we DO.

Think about it for minute and you will understand what this "agenda" is all about.

What is it that makes a homosexual a homosexual?
It is certain BEHAVIORS in which he/she engages.

It is a behavior, not an identity.
A person IS not gay.
A person behaves in a homosexual manner.

Steve said...

It's not about that, 1235, it's about division. Divide and conquer. Whether by race, sexual preference or yes, behaviors, clothing, smoking, drug users, pot users, pizza lovers vs. gourmet, bus vs plane travel, bikes vs car drivers.

Splitting us up by hairs is the practice! Divide us up and then pit one against the other. As long as we are busy with that and work, home, family and the occasional vacation, we are left no time to defend against our own individual rights which are being legislated against on a daily basis.

This is what Congress wants!. To divide and conquer!

It's time we all caught on and turned the tables on all this BS.

Wise up, Grasshopper!