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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Is Your State Financially Screwed?

George Mason University’s Mercatus Center just released their annual “Ranking of States by Financial Condition” report.

The report provides all Americans a chance to see how their respective state ranks in terms of financial condition.1

But as I’m about to show you, the report reveals more than that. More specifically, it reveals something you might want to consider next time you step into the voting booth…

When analyzing the results of the George Mason study, the difference in financial condition of blue and red states is not subtle. The chart that I’m about to show you captures the cash solvency of each state makes the difference shockingly clear.

Cash solvency is the ability to meet bills that are due in the next 30 to 60 days.

In other words, which states can each state meet its short term debt obligations?



Anonymous said...

Maryland is in the top 5!
They keep taxing and spending us into oblivion.
No jobs because of the tax environment and liberal policies.
Great for those who have cushy jobs in the government or are on public assistance with several baby daddies paying child support!

Anonymous said...

Exactly maryland has money because of taxes and fines and fees,when people get too poor to pay anymore we will drop like a rock!

Anonymous said...

As a subject in the Republic Of Maryland, I just feel Screwed.

Anonymous said...

They should not consider Kentucky a red state. The only reason they call it a red state is because they voted for Trump. Kentucky is as blue blooded as they come.

Anonymous said...


I remember visiting relatives in Kentucky back when Clinton was president.
The relative were complaining about the loss of their tobacco stamps which gave them permission to grow tobacco which was their main source of income.
I asked a simple question which just gave me jaw dropping silence.

"Why do you keep voting for democrats that just turn around and screw you as soon as they're in office"

Never did get an answer.