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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

GINGRICH: Boost economy with ‘very large’ tax cut — or ‘real danger of Speaker Pelosi’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich issued a dire warning to Republicans on Monday: Improve the economy or face cataclysmic losses in 2018.

“They have got to pass by Thanksgiving, and get signed into law, by Thanksgiving, a very large tax cut, retroactively designed back to January 1 to make sure that we have enough economic growth in 2018. That Republicans can run as the party of prosperity, of jobs, of higher take home pay, and of economic growth,” Gingrich said.

He said the “highest focus” should be getting the tax bill passed.

“If we don’t have economic growth next year, I think we’re in real danger of having Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2019,” Gingrich said.



Anonymous said...

If it happens, they more than deserve it! The GOP is disgraceful!! They show no unity whatsoever! We need to vote all of them out of office. None deserve to represent us!

Anonymous said...

We do not want Pelosi as speaker. She does not speak for the nation, just a tiny, tiny part of it.

Anonymous said...

And just what part of the nation is San Fran????????????????

Need action Repubs...or all hell will break loose and none of us what Democratic hell! Been there done it TOOOO long!

Bob Aswell....Realist said...

The core problem is EGO. Everybody wants to be the 'angel who saved the world from OweBama Care and the Dumbocrats. What possible difference would it make 'who' votes to undo these political debacles??? The common cause is for right, not who gets the credit.
If there's a congressional house-cleaning they deserve it. The electorate handed them the ball and to date ALL they can do is FUMBLE.
This proves there is NO common sense in D.C. and I hope the people make them understand that in 2018. Bob Aswell....Realist

Anonymous said...

So you don't want a tax cut? Give me five examples of how GOP is disgraceful?

Anonymous said...

Take a good look at that pair of whatever's. Tell me they wouldn't scare little children. And Fred G thought Ester looked bad.

Anonymous said...

You are right completely.
If you are not right, then the only other alternative is that all of American Politics is an illusion.

These people are pretending to do this or that, make this decision or that decision.
In reality, they are all actors reading a script written for them by the intelligence agencies who work for the bankers.

I hope you are right.
Because the alternative is very depressing.

Anonymous said...

12:38, you have uncovered the truth. There is no deadline. Don't vote and let the crap hit the fan, it's about time. There's an illusion presented that if our Bozos don't do something before a certain deadline, no matter how crappy the law, there will be disaster.

Methinks it's time to participate in the "disaster".

Bring it, or do your jobs, bu**heads!

Anonymous said...

11:04 Here you go.............Paul Ryan, John McCain, Larry Hogan, Mitch McConnell, Chris Christie…… And the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

I would actually pay a tax surcharge if it meant getting rid of Pelosi and Waters.