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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mosby: Body Camera Incident Has Led To 34 Dismissals

Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby said Friday that at least 34 cases have either been dismissed or are set to be dismissed after police body camera video came to light that led to concerns an officer had planted evidence in a drug case.

Mosby said the three officers were tried to around 123 open cases. She said she couldn't comment on the substance of allegations against the three officers, as it's still an open investigation.

"However, the credibility of those officers has now been directly called into question," Mosby said.



Anonymous said...

Someone should put this opportunistic racist on the street to experience the injustice and abuse this officers face for little recognition or pay. Sick of this woman using race baiting to further her career.Sick of her self serving agenda interferring with true justice.She should have lost her job the moment she stepped on stage during a concert to promote violence against officers. She promoted herself and thereby shouldve met disbarment..where were the Bar assoc. members? Her and her husband belong on the front lines on the street before she judges the civil monitors and yet frees the killers.

Anonymous said...

What!!!! Dirty cops?? Say it isn't so!!

Anonymous said...

Seems to have become corrupt under her leadership.

Anonymous said...

What? dirty citizens??? say it aint so!

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

I would say "the credibility of Mosby needss to be questioned". When Mosby and Blake ordered police to. Stand Down and Give Criminals Room to Roam, what did they expect? It has backfired and City officials are now blamibg everyone but themselves for high crime. Sure, there are some crooked cops, but what about those other hundreds of good cops? Who would want to be a police officer in that town, when City Elites are stabbing you in the back every chance they get. In typical Liberal Democrat fashion, they created the problem and now they dont know how to handle it, calling for Governor to fix it for them. SMH!

Anonymous said...

I know you can't judge a book by it's cover, but I will this time. This person just appears to be dumb as I don't know what, just to look at her. She looks like some drugs taken a long time ago, just kicked in.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mosby needs to wear a body camera with audio while she is in office. Bet she isn't perfect either. She would be dismissed from office first week. Not likely in Baltimore but you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Mosby is the one who had lost credibility

bayman said...

This moron is someone to be talking about corruption. How can she still have her job? Are they afraid of her color?

lmclain said...

Putting people in prison for evidence YOU planted is, uh, I don't know, WRONG???
Of course, confiscating our money at gunpoint is wrong, too.
So are warrantless searches. Secret trials and charges are, too.
The list is long.

And to think, you could be next.
Your nonstop cheering will save you??!
I don't think so.