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Saturday, July 29, 2017

House Judiciary Committee Requests Special Counsel to Probe Clinton-Obama Collusion

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee asked the Department of Justice this week to appoint a special counsel to investigate whether Democrat Hillary Clinton's campaign colluded with the Obama administration last year.

The lawmakers sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, in which they requested that an outsider be appointed to investigate several issues — including why former Attorney General Loretta Lynch wanted the FBI to call its Clinton email investigation a "matter" and what was discussed during a clandestine meeting between Lynch and former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac last summer.

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Anonymous said...

Turns out it was Democrats that colluded with Russia on the Trump dossier.

I Threw Up My Lemonade When I Saw This On Your Blog! said...

Will it go anywhere? Let's remember Benghazi, Email Saga, IRS targeting conservative groups. Where do any of these so-called special probes go? Nowhere. Wasting time when they should be concentrating on Jobs, Healthcare, Tax Reform and Border Wall.

Anonymous said...

It will not go anywhere if they appoint Mueller and other Democrats.