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Monday, July 24, 2017

Montgomery Co. lawmaker pushes again for $15 minimum wage

WASHINGTON — A Montgomery County Council member is moving ahead with a revised proposal to boost hourly wages after a push for a $15 minimum wage failed earlier this year.

Councilmember Marc Elrich plans to introduce the new legislation on Tuesday.

“It’s not the same bill,” Elrich said. “We’ve listened to major concerns that people have.”

The Council passed Elrich’s first minimum wage bill in January, but it did not garner enough votes to override a subsequent veto from County Executive Ike Leggett.



Anonymous said...

That people that want that minimum wage are NOT smart enough to be paid that much for what they already do!

Anonymous said...

By sales you mean, sputtering out sentence fragments and lighting things on fire?

Anonymous said...

And what about the ones who worked hard got an education, worked hard and earned the better wages. It's a slap in the face to hard workers because others basically want a hand out.

Anonymous said...

These idiots can't see what has happened to other cities that have done this?
What fools!

Anonymous said...

What about people who can write the English language correctly?
Should they be paid $15 per hour?
Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

If the minimum wage was changed to $15 an hour, I could not afford 2 of my 10 employees.I would be forced to let them go.

Anonymous said...

"We’ve listened to major concerns that people have.”

Uh Marc, evidently you have NOT listened! If passed you will reap what you have sown and will see the consequences.

Kiosk Nation, bring it on!