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Monday, July 24, 2017

Harvard Law Professor: ‘White Liberal College Graduates’ Are ‘the Least Tolerant’

Commenting on a recent finding that many Democrats would have trouble continuing a friendship with anyone who is pro-President Trump, Harvard Law Professor Adrian Vermeule remarked that the least tolerant among us are “white liberal college graduates.”

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that 35 percent of Democrats believed that a friend’s vote for Donald Trump would “strain” their relationship. Among white Democrats, the figure is even higher, with 40 percent saying that they would have trouble maintaining a friendship with someone who supported Trump. Nearly half (47 percent) of those who described themselves as “liberal” Democrats said their friendship would suffer with someone who favored Trump.

By contrast, the share of Republicans who say that a friend’s vote for Hillary Clinton would strain their relationship was a mere 13 percent, just over a third the number of Democrats who say that a friend’s vote for Trump would do the same..

With these data in hand, Vermeule, who is the Ralph S. Tyler professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School, tweeted that, indeed, white liberal college graduates are “the least tolerant” in society, highlighting the three categories most radically affected by a person’s contrary political ideas:

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Anonymous said...

I went to a liberal arts school for history. We used to laugh so hard at the profs bc they were so liberal and the insane lib drones who worshipped them. We tormented them constantly by using common sense and reasoning. It became a game to us (we were a specific sports team, the rest were libbies). This damn lib prof made us read and watch brokeback mountain. We wrote a scathing review and that idiot had to justify his homosexual agenda pushing tactics, which of course he couldnt. The ultimate irony? One of our housemates who did all this with us WAS GAY!!!