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Friday, June 02, 2017

Farage: Time to Ignore 'Sad and Pathetic' Hillary Clinton

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton "looks sad and pathetic" and it's not worth anyone's time getting angry about her, ex-UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said Thursday.

"There is nothing worse in life than a bad loser," the Brexit leader and Fox News contributor told the "Fox and Friends" program.

"Nothing worse than somebody who blames absolutely everybody else for their own failings . . . let's just from now on ignore her."

Farage, who backed President Donald Trump's campaign, also commented that Clinton "represented an out-of-touch, out-of-date establishment" and that she "almost appeared as if it was her right to become the president, and I'm very pleased she didn't."

The "establishment" was not happy with Clinton's loss, he continued, just as Britain's wasn't with the Brexit vote.

"They are still not reconciled to it," Farage said. "They have had their own way for far too long. They haven't recognized that the world has changed."



LadyLiddy said...

She's too oblivious to just go away. She needs the attention and the funds that her relevance provides. Make her irrelevant and she will be forced to go away.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please find a clump of woods somewhere and please put her in it!
Please just go away
Just can't take it anymore !