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Friday, June 02, 2017

California Senate votes to limit gifts to doctors from pharma companies

The California Senate has passed a bill banning pharmaceutical companies from giving gifts to doctors. California doctors accepted $1.4 billion in gifts from the industry in 2014, the bill's sponsor says.

The legislation, Senate Bill 790, targets a common practice in the US that critics believe results in doctors ignoring generic drugs in favor of more high-dollar medications that drive up health care costs.

The bill would specifically restrict companies from offering travel, consulting fees and other gifts to medical professionals.

"This bill is all about protecting patients, taxpayers and driving down the costs of prescription drugs," State Sen. Mike McGuire (D), the sponsor of the bill, said in a statement.

"Throughout the state, some of our largest hospitals and medical centers have realized the importance of limiting gifts from the pharma industry to doctors — it’s time the state of California bans these types of gifts and incentives, which will put patients above profits."



Anonymous said...

If we were a healthier society we wouldn't need the drugs. At the risk of being hypocritical, I too am overweight, we should target the food industry to limit the bad ingredients that we consume in large quantity.

Anonymous said...

Don't you find it interesting that cigarette commercials were banned but pharmaceutical drug ads are permitted ?

Anonymous said...

Or just watch what you eat and exercise

Anonymous said...

9:44 Random mutations can still cause defects treatable with medication. The gifts to doctors make sure they prescribe their brand over a competitors. We've tried targeting the food industry, you take out trans fats or try to limit sugar additives and people lost their minds. Most low fat foods are just pumped up with more sugar anyway. Just an overall lack of caring and massive portion sizes contribute to the obesity rates.

9:55 spot on. We're the only developed country that allows big pharma to tell you what you think you need. Perfect for a nation of hypochondriacs looking for a pill to fix it all

Anonymous said...

No gifts should be given to ANY docs. period

Swamp Drainer of the Shore said...

Will those limits also be imposed on the California Senate? You all seriously don't think that state government reps don't get kickbacks from Big Pharma just like Doctors and Federal regulators.

Anonymous said...

I use to sit in a psychiatrists office on Milford Street complex and watch the well dressed woman in her high heels, black suit, and luggage tote swoop through his tiny office to see the doctor right away. (while patients waited). He is the only psychiatrist in a small office so I had to wait.

She worked for big pharma pushing their new medications. I could never get feeling well because whatever new expensive drug she was pushing was pushed on me because it was new and improved.

Of course a new medication means you have to come back in more often as well. When I finally wised up to the pet wheel he had me running, I found a different doctor who treated me like a human person to help me and I never turned back. Big Pharma runs a game when drugs become generic and cheaper....they have to get the patient on the NEW and IMPROVED and EXPENSIVE. They cannot do that without the doctors important roll as the pill pusher. Does this mean that the doctor gets any type of kick back (cash) tell me. I have my own opinion.