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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Report: How Silicon Valley Is Trying to Topple Trump

Recode has published a report outlining how Democrats are attempting to use contacts within the Tech world to further their political causes.

Recode’s article titled “How Silicon Valley is trying to topple Trump — beginning with a special election in Montana” outlines how the team running the House of Representatives campaign for Democratic politician Rob Quist, “a guitar-toting first-timer in the hunt for Montana’s sole spot,” recruited Jessica Alter, a bay area resident who works to link digital tech companies with progressive candidates and causes.

Quist reportedly didn’t “have a whole lot of help from the Democratic Party’s official organs,” in his campaign and as a result was short staffed, particularly when it came to tech experts. This is where Alter steps in, running a group known as “Tech for Campaigns”..

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Anonymous said...

Bunch of losers just need to stop it, accept the fact that President Trump won and he is our President.