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Monday, May 29, 2017

Oh my......


Anonymous said...

This COULD be something to celebrate if our school system had any qualifications anymore. Unfortunately, our teachers are no longer qualified to teach, reprimand, or control their classrooms.

It's apes chumming with apes and passing them to the next year because they don't want them back.

Anonymous said...

We're all apes.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Attended our granddaughter's commencement over the weekend; 61 in her class. Small community but still allow God and country in the addresses. The class also displayed tremendous respect for administration. I'll take this any day vis-a-vis the out of control districts where all of the above are lacking and "students" are pushed through.

Anonymous said...

Speak for your own family.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I guess you were.
My bad.

Anonymous said...

No it isn't. My son was born in 1999. He will be graduating in 2018. No, he didn't fail any years of school. He is just one of many born in 1999 who will be graduating next year.