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Monday, May 29, 2017

History of Memorial Day


Anonymous said...

This is a good summary. Send to those who think it's just a day off or an excuse to cookout.

Anonymous said...

For me and my family it is a day off and a day to cook out.

Anonymous said...

Please save our Heritage and our Confederate Monuments. Americans have been misguided about our heritage and brave soldiers who fought for a better Southern nation.

Anonymous said...

423 did you read what you wrote before posting it? You're saying Maryland fought to preserve slavery and secession from the United States. Actually, Maryland was a border state. Many here fought for the North as well as the South. You really should go to the Nabb Center at SU and learn about Civil War history instead of just writing crap on Sby News.

Anonymous said...

The south fought for states' rights, a federalist point of view.

The north fought for a centralized form of government, a nationalist point of view.

Slavery was the topic which brought these 2 points of view into dispute.
Many from the north (including President Lincoln) had no negative opinion about slavery.
Black people (and non-land owners, such as women) were not considered to be important.