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Monday, May 29, 2017

Basic Economic Common Sense.

It's the reason Democrats don't seem to get it!


Anonymous said...

Kennedy and Reagan both did massive tax cuts for Middle Class Americans and corporations. The plans both worked without fail. Isn't it time we go back to common sense economics and quit putting people on the government dole? There's no nobility being a government supported individual.

Anonymous said...

I'm a republican and I remember well Kennedy's tax cuts everyone was talking about it at the time,some people in both parties didn't think it would work but it did. Kennedy was a very popular president. Things have really changed. Sad.

Anonymous said...

That was back when the economy was natural, real.

Now it is not natural, not real.
It is manufactured and managed by the elite who run Wall Street.
What was once wisdom is no longer relevant because the natural order has been erased.
A new world order has been created.
It is not better. It is just new. Ugly. Unpredictable. Ruinous.