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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Letting Go: 5 Lessons For Parents Facing An Empty Nest

Soon my wife and I will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary. We have four kids. We don't have a perfect family; we have our share of strife. But we are happy, especially whenever all the kids can come home, like at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Nowadays, it seems like those special holidays are the only times all six of us can be together.

My wife and I are facing something we've never faced before ... the empty nest. Two of our three boys are off on their own pursuing their careers. One son still lives with us, but he is rarely home (he's busy either at his full-time job or at the gym or with his friends). He has plans to soon be on his own too. Our daughter is graduating from high school and will be heading off to follow her chosen career.

The house is quiet.


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Anonymous said...

Hey my friend, let 'em go.....nothing like you and your spouse returning to the days of your youth!!! Back to spending quality time dining out together, sitting close on the sofa and just enjoying one another's company again without the kids. We had our children after 45 years of happy marriage we are back truly enjoying each other!!!