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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Chinese Chicken Is Headed To America, But It's Really All About The Beef

Cooked chicken from birds grown and raised in China soon will be headed to America — in a trade deal that's really about beef.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced Thursday night that the U.S. was greenlighting Chinese chicken imports and getting U.S. beef producers access to China's nearly 1.4 billion consumers.

The Chinese appetite for beef is huge and growing, but American beef producers have been locked out of that market since a case of mad cow disease cropped up in the U.S. in 2003. In response, many countries, including South Korea, Japan, Mexico and China, banned imports of U.S. beef.

China was the only one of those nations to not eventually lift its ban — and that's a big deal.

"It's a very big market; it's at least a $2.5 billion market that's being opened up for U.S. beef," Ross said in announcing the trade deal.



Obama is a butt job said...

Trump ignored haters = win win win !

Anonymous said...

Do we really need another rise in gas prices because the increased demand for
corn-for-feed puts pressure on corn-for-alcohol producers? Whatever the case, we're going to pay, whether through fuel or meat.

Anonymous said...

Cattle farmers happy, chicken farmers not so much. Chinese cheap chicken will flood the processed food production market.

Anonymous said...

A victory for Big Ag in the USA.
Why would any of us "little people" cheer about it?
Americans are easily duped into cheering for those who enslave us (corporations).

Anonymous said...

this means beef prices will rise (supply and demand) and chicken prices will plummet. although most people won't eat chicken from China. most desire the clean hormone free chicken offered by companies like Perdue and soon to be others...

lmclain said...

Uh huh.
The Chinese are FAMOUS for their strict adherence to environmental regulations and concern for the health and welfare of not only the animals, but the consumers, too.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Chicken? IS that the same as Chicken McNuggets (made with real chicken)


Rebel Without a Clue said...

Touche! Stop the corn-for-fuel program and let the cow's eat!

Anonymous said...

Cooked chicken being imported will be used for processed foods like chicken nuggets, frozen meals, canned soups etc. You won't know where it's from once processed.