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Monday, March 13, 2017

Veterans' bill deserves bipartisan support

With most Americans' minds on healthcare reform this week, the House of Representatives will take a first step toward fulfilling President Trump's campaign promises to veterans.

Throughout President Obama's second term, scandals consumed the Department of Veterans Affairs. They evinced an uncaring, self-centered bureaucracy that serves its own needs rather than those of the veterans with whose care it is charged.

The House is expected to pass the VA Accountability First Act, which would dramatically speed up the firing and punishing of bureaucrats who engage in abuses. Now that Veterans administration staff at all levels have been caught lying, cheating, and gaming the system to cheat their way to undeserved bonus pay or to avoid accountability, Senate Democrats owe it to veterans to get this bill to Trump's desk with a bipartisan stamp of approval.

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Jim said...

It's time to fire some people.
A LOT of them.

Anonymous said...

Many Democrats don't care about veterans except when an election cycle comes around. Let's see who opposes this legislation, which looks like a move for real change finally. End the corruption first. Hire enough medical staff and purchase enough equipment to take care of our veterans as promised.