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Monday, March 13, 2017

More Truth From,

You just keep watching WBOC, WMDT or reading the Daily Times as they will simply feed you what Mayor Day, Chief Duncan and even Sheriff Mike Lewis and continue to ignore what Salisbury News delivers. You know, FACTS, DOCUMENTED INFORMATION. 

I am a FIRM believer that a lot of you out there are just plain stupid, seriously. Then there's the millions of SBYNews followers who actually get it. 


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Where do they get the info?

Disgruntled Patriot said...

It should be a cause for immediate removal of office when public officials lie to their communities about crime statistics. They endanger people's lives to make themselves think they're doing something.

Anonymous said...

sure are a lot of "other" crimes listed.

I wonder what they are.

Anonymous said... right on top of post lol

Anonymous said...

We collect relevant crime data from police agencies and validated sources

There are just re-using the data that SPD gives them.

Anonymous said...

Question!! How did Salisbury earn one of the top safest cities in Maryland?? I heard that on the radio and was like HUH??

Anonymous said...

Millions? Where'd all those people come from?

Anonymous said...

Duh. Where does spotcrime get it?