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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hogan: 2017 Legislative Session A 'Mixed Bag So Far'

The 2017 Maryland Legislative Session comes to a close on April 10.

Governor Larry Hogan had a lot to say about the past two and a half months when he joined The Jimmy Mathis Show on Saturday morning.

"It's sort of the good, the bad and the ugly," he said. "We got a lot of things done. ... Many of our initiatives have already been passed in both houses."

Though, Hogan mentioned that some terrible things have happened -- the 'sanctuary state' bill and the attorney general's new power, to name a few.



Anonymous said...

Mixed bag my ass! This legislative gaggle of gooseshit is trying to make our state as liberal as possible before people realize Trump is moving forward with the best agenda. I've ever seen so many boneheaded laws passed by this group.

Anonymous said...

Great! Please vote him out next election so we can get back to having a democratic governor.

Anonymous said...

Look at his Justice Reinvestment Act. He is letting violent criminals out of jail and handcuffing judges so they can't put them back.

Anonymous said...

1:15 Your lips to gods ears. These local republicans hate the 3rd GOP governor in MD in 30 or so years. Vote him out and see what they get.