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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Effort Underway That Would Signiciantly Increase The Chances for Voter Fraud in Maryland Elections

Here is the Maryland House Bill (HB 168) regarding potential voter fraud.

Pay particular attention to the shear number of forms that can be used for voter identification at the polling place - in order to qualify voters to vote. They can even use a copy of a current bill, bank, statement, paycheck, etc. What really concerns me though - is that a Sanctuary City, or, other political subdivision - can issue any identification card (emphasis added by author) - and these types of ID's can be used by an illegal alien to vote in a US election. The newly proposed criteria is fraught with potential voter fraud.

Excerpts from HB-168

(a) (1) The right of an individual to vote may be challenged at the polls only
13 on the grounds of identity.
14 (2) An individual whose right to vote is challenged at the polls may
15 establish the individual’s identity by presenting any of the following forms of identification:
16 (i) the individual’s voter registration card;
17 (ii) the individual’s Social Security card;
18 (iii) the individual’s valid Maryland driver’s license;
19 (iv) any identification card issued to the individual by a political
20 subdivision of the State, the State, the federal government, or any unit of a political
21 subdivision of the State, the State, or the federal government;
22 (v) any employee identification card of the individual that contains
23 a photograph of the individual and is issued by the employer of the individual in the
24 ordinary course of the employer’s business; or
25 (vi) a copy of a current bill, bank statement, government check,
26 paycheck, or other government document that shows the name and current address of the
27 individual.
28 (3) If an individual establishes the individual’s identity under paragraph
29 (2) of this subsection, an election judge shall authorize the individual to vote a regular
30 ballot.
31 (b) A challenge to an individual’s right to vote shall be made before the individual
32 is issued a ballot or a voting authority card.


Anonymous said...

This is why illegals should not be issued any govt cards, including driver's licenses. ID cards should clearly state that persons here working with a green card or for whatever reason. But taxpayers should not be footing the bill to protect illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong resident of Maryland, I have to admit that our general assembly and many of them, our local elected officials are just like, 'snakes in the grass just waiting to strike'.

And so I urge and call every red-bloodied easternshore man and women to try and ferret out the vermin. Plain and simple - this is criminal activity being conducted right out in the open.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Who do we contact about this? This just doesn't seem possible.

Anonymous said...

I just clicked onto the link and noticed that it is two Baltimore Democrats that are spearheading the drive.

Anonymous said...

The Dems realize that the only way they are going to continue to get elected is thru voter fraud. We need to tighten up the voter laws, not make them weaker. This bill should never be passed and if it is it should be vetoed.

Anonymous said...

9:26 - Reply

I agree with you wholeheartedly. The Democratic party has been decimated over the past 4 years elections and the only way they can try and regain their traction is through the means that they have always been notorious for - deceit.

The two Maryland sponsors for this law should be rounded-up and deported. It is Maryland corruption to the max.

Anonymous said...

MD is little California

Anonymous said...

Maryland is a mirror reflection of CA. And Baltimore is a mirror reflection of Detroit, MI.

I'll tell you - MD is setting itself up for the wrath of the LORD as its moral principles are deplorable!!

Anonymous said...

Maryland has the best politicians that money can buy. Literally!

Anonymous said...

Just show a paycheck and it proves American Citizenship? God help us.

Jim said...

To be fair-- the voter has to be properly registered, regardless of the form of ID he tries to use.
He may be able to vote a provisional ballot if all is not right, but that s-h-o-u-l-d prevent most fraud.
Still, there really is no valid reason that a legal voter could not present a good photo ID. You need one for almost anything you do in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Reply to 1:24 - I agree. It is quite obvious that Maryland is trying to become America's Sanctuary State. I hope the public takes the scoundrels that sponsored this crap and tar and feather their butts!!

Anonymous said...

If I had not read this myself, I would not have believed it. What-a-shame, our state is definitely going to hell in a hand basket.

Anonymous said...

The bill says that with any of the forms of ID's cited by the statute - (ie. bank statement, current bill, check, paycheck, or ANY ISSUED MUNICIPAL ID CARD ISSUED BY ANY POLITICAL SUBDIVISION)- and I take that as meaning a so-called Sanctuary City (ie. Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco etc.) then -

(3) If an individual establishes the individual’s identity under paragraph
29 (2) of this subsection, an election judge shall authorize the individual to vote a regular
30 ballot.

So I agree with many of the above posters - this is an out right crime against our Constitution and could easily constitute voter fraud at mammoth proportions.

Plain - and Simple - the officials who sponsored this legislation should be prosecuted as trying to throw an election.

Anonymous said...

No wonder so many fortune 500 companies have fled MD borders. The government here is just to unstable. The dem. controlled state house is not only hazardous to your health, but also destroys your personal wealth.

Anonymous said...

What you are seeing and witnessing is a true Banana Republic.

Anonymous said...

Repeat after me: Photo ID only.

MD Driver's license
MD ID card (issue for free w proper ID to sidestep charges that it burdens)
Active Military ID
Current government employee photo ID (because there is some accountability)
End of list.

Funeral homes, coroners, hospitals, nursing homes required to notify Election Bureau within 7 days after death and voter to be stricken from list, with notation when and why.

End early voting entirely. Absentee ballots to be picked up in person, and cast in person to be held until election day, with two exceptions. Military stationed or deployed, and those certified by doctor as unable to reach polls or election bureau office (homebound, hospital, nursing home).

Not rocket science.