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Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump supporters donate $366,000 to black college band to attend inaugural

Donald Trump supporters want to see the Talladega College marching band in the Inaugural Parade.

So much so, the band’s GoFundMe goal of $75,000 to attend the inaugural was surpassed by over 500%.

Fox & Friends reported Saturday morning that the “historically black” Great Tornado Band’s fundraising haul had reached $278,069.



Zorro said...

awesome news

Anonymous said...

Last nights updated reveals that it has gone all the way to $500,000. They have been able to establish some scholarships.

Anonymous said...

We saw it on O'Reilly last night and immediately donated $100.00. It up to over $577,000 this morning.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, all you deplorables!
Can't wait to see them on PA Ave. on Friday

Anonymous said...

This is so great; kudos to the president of the college, an American hero who is putting students first. Can't wait to see them perform!

Anonymous said...

where is the rest of the $ going ? soda chips.

Anonymous said...

Read 6:35 am 8:46. The additional money is going for SCHOLARSHIPS>
Please don't denigrate this fine school. What are you a liberal?

bayman said...

They should have given back everything over their goal of 75,000. I wonder if we can get proof of what they do with the rest of the money? Soda and chips. Haa, haaaaaaa.

bayman said...

Why would it cost 75,000 to go from Alambama to DC?