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Monday, January 16, 2017

Rep. John Lewis Cashes In On Trump Flap

Rep. John Lewis Saturday cited the rift with President-elect Donald Trump in a letter to raise money for the Democratic National Committee, calling on supporters to help "stand up to injustice."

The letter was included in a tweet posted by Time magazine political reporter Zeke Miller:

"Today Donald Trump attacked me on Twitter," the civil rights icon and longtime Georgia congressman began. "He said that I’m 'all talk' and 'no action.'

"I’ve been beaten, bloody, tear-gassed, fighting for what’s right for America," Lewis said. "I’ve marched at Selma with Dr. [Martin Luther] King.

"Sometimes that's what it takes to move our country in the right direction.

"We refuse to stop now," Lewis continued. "We’re not done fighting for progress.

"We’re ready for the next four years," he added. "Join me and chip in whatever you can today to help Democrats stand up to injustice."



Zorro said...

sounds like he is inciting

Anonymous said...

Letter to the Editor:

Re. 32 Annual Birthday Celebration and Commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

At the MLK Dinner at the Wicomico County Youth and Civic Center last night, January 16, 2017, the person that did the opening prayer for the banquet started ragging on President Elect Donald Trump and made some threatening comments about him. He was also making comments daring trump to cut the budget on different welfare programs. It was ugly and uncomfortable for some people in the audience. I heard people saying they will never attend another NAACP function again, especially the MLK Banquet.

I think the person was a so call preacher by the name of Bishop Anthony Dickerson, New Greater Mt. Olive Full Gospel Baptist Church, Cambridge Maryland. That man is a racist person and he was inciting a riot. That "prayer" was very inappropriate for a publicly funded youth and civic center.

Anonymous said...

He didn't say you've never been action, Mr Lewis. But what have you done in , say, the last 20 years?

Anonymous said...

Spot on 7:58. Lewis is obviously living in the past and one of those who will never, ever promote progress and a willingness to advance his race. It becomes more and more obvious that other elements of the black community are growing weary of this rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

This Lewis issue is seriously getting old.He has no idea how real math is and how it's about to catch up to him.Ponder that....

Anonymous said...

Riding on the coat tails of his street protests decades ago. He is one of the many poster children for term limits.