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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump on Lewis skipping inauguration: 'He's just grandstanding'

President-elect Trump is accusing Rep. John Lewis of grandstanding after the Democratic lawmaker from Georgia said he would be skipping inauguration because he doesn't believe Trump is a "legitimate" president.

"He just grandstanded," Trump told Fox News in an interview set to air Wednesday. "He got caught in a very bad lie."

On Tuesday, Trump lashed out at Lewis for also skipping former President George W. Bush's first inauguration, stretching their feud into its fifth day.



World Grease said...

This is nothing new. He sat out during Bush's inauguration too. Who cares about any of this. Just go and have a good time.

Anonymous said...

He had to Skip it because he is going to Farakon's house
instead for dinner !!

Anonymous said...

It's true. It's an empty exercise. He'll call it standing up for his ideals, but it's more like sitting down.

Anonymous said...

Trump should just ignore these ignorant people. They aren't worth his time, if all they can do is cause trouble. I hope that Trump is able to make all of these trouble makers look pathetic, once great things start happening.

World Grease said...

This is why term limitations are so important. The country doesn't need people in office that are stuck in such ancient ideologies that are no longer relevant to the point that they just want to cause problems so the country can't move forward. We don't need people that are stuck in the past from the MLK era in office creating a ruckus for those that are trying to move our country forward.

Anonymous said...

He won't be ignored. He'll be singled out as being a fool, which will give him even more rope to hang himself.