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Saturday, January 09, 2016

OC Clean Beach Efforts Pitched

OCEAN CITY — Ocean City officials this week got a look at a pair of initiatives aimed at keeping the beaches in the resort clean, including a progressive “Adopt Your Beach” proposal initiated by the Ocean City Surf Club.

On Tuesday, the Coastal Resources Legislative Committee, or the “Green Team,” debated the merits of the two concurrent initiatives, including the Adopt Your Beach program and the Environmentally Friendly Beach Program. The former is being explored by the Ocean City Surf Club, a grassroots organization that advocates for clean beaches and increased awareness and education, among other things.

The club’s Adopt Your Beach program would solicit volunteers, from schools, businesses, church groups, condo associations and other organizations to take ownership, or perhaps more appropriately stewardship, of “their beach.” Under the program, a group or organization would literally adopt a section of beach in Ocean City, maybe a single block or a group of two or three blocks.



Anonymous said...

Here is a different approach to the problem: Rather than the citizens cleaning up the beach block by block, let the city clean up the beach and enforce littering laws. If I still owned property in OC, I would be upset at the amount of taxes being paid and the relatively low amount services versus the exorbitant salaries being paid to city management.

Anonymous said...

The Surfboards are just another excuse to receive grant money and tax free status. Don't expect anything more from them outside of an idea about what somebody else should do.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with first poster. Enforce your rules/laws that you have now.

Anonymous said...

When you have hundreds of thousands of people on the beach it's not going to be clean.

More garbage cans and pickups will help. That's about it. They do a pretty good job at night cleaning it as best as possible.

Thornton Crowe said...

Agree with 12:39PM.

Also, one must be cautious whenever the "Green Team" does an altruistic gesture as there's always an angle they're not telling you about in the end. Green Team=costing Green to everyone else - whether they agree with the Greenies or not. Never altruistic deed done by them that doesn't end up costing taxpayers in one form or another.