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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Trump’s New Advertisement

By Thornton Crowe

Featuring the former President Clinton without verbiage except for Hillary Clinton’s speech about advocating feminism has been causing quite a stir in news outlets since Trump posted it on Instagram has struck a chord. While some will say that it will not help him; how can it not?

It pointedly accentuates the fact that the Clintons have been the biggest offenders to women since their entrance in the Washington scene (and long before.) Voters must remember this as they wad through the cesspools of propaganda during the election season – which seems to start earlier and earlier with each election, much to our chagrin. The spot is actually tastefully done, leaving viewers to connect the dots and the total disconnect between word and deed that permeates the Clintons history.

Please remember, on December 19, 1998, the House of Representatives impeached Clinton for his fraudulence (perjury and obstruction of justice.) The case he was being question involved his activities towards women: sexual harassment and assault. The findings were deeply based in Clinton’s continual abuses towards women over a long time period. While the Senate acquitted him, he still ended up forfeiting his law license in lieu of disbarment. Unfortunately, most of his victims never found justice and were notoriously terrorized by the former First Lady to ‘keep their mouths shut.’

It is good to see Trump represented this hypocrisy with eloquence rather than his usual manner. Perhaps, it will resonate with voters rather than turn them off.

The President of the United States is someone we should aspire to – not someone who brings shame to our nation. Voters seem to look more at the ‘statements’ made by electing certain demographics rather than what the candidate actually stands for and plans for revitalizing the country. This type of frivolous pursuit must cease. Our country needs a strong leader with a moral compass. Bullying sexual assault victims, lying to congressional hearing officials and mishandling of our affairs are not demonstrative of said compass. If anything, it just perpetuates driving women down rather than promoting them, leaves us vulnerable to enemies and shows disrespect to the other representatives we the people elect.

Interesting side script is, during her term as First Lady, Ms. Clinton’s female workers in her direct service were paid much less than their male counterparts. This is known fact. Therefore, this fact alone completely debases her claims that she champions women’s rights and equality.

Voters need to inform themselves – not rely on a tainted, agenda-driven mass media machine to do their thinking for them.

How say you?


Anonymous said...

They should both slither back under their rock and leave politics forever.

T. Crowe said...

Here. Here. 9:43am

No better words said.

For the life of me, I cannot fathom why voters - especially women -- would ever want this woman to be the first female POTUS. It is beyond my wildest imagination. She is an afront to females everywhere and her harking support of feminism is laughable at best.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The fact that she stayed with her cheating husband was a kick in feminism's big front teeth. Any woman who stays with a cheater (especially one whose as habitual as Bill) only advocates women being held down by the male establishment. Nothing more.

She's all for feminism when it comes to her pay but it is shown that even in Congress, women make 75% of what a man makes in the same position. Her pay scale fell in line with that statistic.

Voters: Look at what I do - not what I say. Her narrative doesn't jive with her walk. Plain and simple.