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Friday, December 23, 2016

Top 10 MSM #FakeNews Stories

You gotta love our liberal media. Their entire modus operandi for at least the past two decades has been to shamelessly disseminate false left-wing narratives to the masses in their ongoing effort to discredit conservatism and further a progressive agenda. It's what they do.

But since the election of Donald Trump, they have been obsessed with a new pet narrative: that a so-called "fake news" epidemic is occurring on the right.

This is partly because, I'm convinced, they resent the fact that some people on the alt-right are making inroads on their turf. But the "fake news" excuse also functions as a soothing balm for their wounded egos after their devastating 2016 election losses. It helps them deal with the uncomfortable fact that the electorate just rejected the hell out of the candidates for whom they blatantly shilled.

This happens every time the mainstream media's favored party suffes a massive defeat at the polls, by the way. In 1994, they blamed their losses on the "angry white male." After the 2010 "shellacking," they attributed it to a menacing "climate of hate," as personified by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.



Anonymous said...

They forgot this one. "Hillary Clinton is Human"

Anonymous said...

It isn't just Liberals or Democrats.
It is neocons as well. Zionists.
A global cabal of international banking families who print money out of thin air.
They want to dominate the rest of us. Totally.

The media is a part of their intelligence network.
It is propaganda.
We have all been fed lies for our entire lives.
Most of what we believe is history is false.

Start with Miles Mathis.

Anonymous said...

For many years, the power of the press was more powerful than the largest government. The MSM has, and continued to try in this last election, influenced the views of voters in every single election. Finally, with the advent of social media - and Fox News- voters have an alternative source for their news. Most voters form their opinions from the news- no matter where they see/hear it. So, now that the MSM can no longer be the dominant source - and due to the distrust voters have in them to be able to seperate facts from opinion- they are scared shitless. This is the main reason the 'fake-news' narrative is being pushed: the only way to make their news legitimate is to illigitimize any news that isn't generated within the MSM. The "force" only works on the weakminded populace. And, we the deplorables are no longer drinking their liberal Kool-aide.