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Thursday, November 03, 2016

US Consumer Confidence Crashes To 2 Year Lows


It appears America is full of cynics, skeptics, and deplorables who just can't see the world through the rose-colored glasses of the Hillbama administration...


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Anonymous said...

I looked at new car pricing yesterday. Average price is over thirty thousand to replace my 09 Nissan Altima with a new Altima. I will keep what I have maintained! Can't afford much of anything anymore!
Got rid of cable over year ago because Comcast raised the prices over 100 per month for basic cable and internet! We don't eat out much anymore because that has become very expensive, and we don't go to the movies or retail stores much anymore either.
Grocery prices are high, but we have to eat, after paying for food, mortgage, and gas, and electric, I am lucky if I have even a hundred dollars left over to spend! Insurance also eats up most of my family income. Home owners, auto, health, and life always comes due at a bad time. Insurance to me is another form of state and federal mandated taxation!
And my property taxes go up every year in increments. When I first bought my home in Wicomico County, my property taxes were only 530 per year in 1989. I made double what I make now because I lost my job, along with many others due to the wonderful trade deals to other countries like China and Mexico. My job in I.T. was outsourced to India. My taxes this year went up to over 2400 dollars! I struggle to pay this in two payments when it comes due. I live in the county, so what the hell do I get for this? Nothing!!! I even have to pay a yearly fee to haul my trash to the dump! Run by county employees!!! Growing up, we never had a yearly trash fee until recent years.
My health insurance has such a high deductible, that I can't even afford to see a doctor because of the copay. If I get something major, like cancer, I would be better off not taking the treatments to save my family the financial burden. Compared to thirty years ago, this county has turned in to a third world hell hole! My wife and I still work, and can barely make ends meet!