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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Hillary Clinton Learned How To Manipulate The Law By Defending A Child Rapist

Hillary blames a little girl for her own rape

The FBI’s new investigation (or reopened investigation, depending on which version of the Washington Post you happened to see first) turns the floodlights on Hillary Clinton’s decisions to use a private email server for government business and to delete tens of thousands of emails while under congressional subpoena.

The Kathy Shelton rape case may not appear to have much in common with Hillary’s email woes, but new details suggest the methods Hillary Rodham used to maneuver around procedural norms in that criminal case bear striking similarities to her actions in her email scandal.

In May 1975, at the very start of her legal career, Hillary volunteered to defend child rapist Thomas Alfred Taylor, but only after guaranteeing herself a “win” by working closely on the case with the judge and his son, who happened to be early public supporters and donors for Bill Clinton’s congressional bid.

The Only Sexual Assault Case the Media Doesn’t Care About

New facts cast doubt on Hillary Clinton’s statements about how and why she defended Taylor and handled physical evidence that has disappeared in that case. Hillary’s own descriptions of this case, presented in her autobiography “Living History” and in an audiotaped interview with journalist Roy Reed in the 1980s, have gone largely unchallenged until now.



Anonymous said...

Hillary learned how to Manipulate the law by being a comfortable liar with no moral compass

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's a child and woman advocate, "fighting" for them all the way.

Anonymous said...

ancient history which defined her.