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Thursday, November 03, 2016

A Viewer Writes: Turbo-Charge Votes


Can black folks 'turbo-charge' their vote?

It seems that the black voter turnout is down in early voting. The NYT is trying to blame the Republicans and attribute it to voter ID laws and reduced early voting hours, but who says that is the only time they would vote, or that it actually makes any difference at all? What a con job.

I think many of our black brothers and sisters are finally realizing that they've been had by the Democrats for decades, but they still don't feel comfortable going against the tradition of voting Democrat, so they just stay home.

The Dems are assuming (as they always do) that they will receive a large number of votes from their loyal black community. Staying home and not voting will reduce the number they actually receive and jeopardize their chance of winning.. but the black voter has the opportunity to have a much greater effect-- by casting a vote for REAL change and REAL hope, it will have DOUBLE the effect of just staying home.

For the black voter, it will result in: Clinton -1, Trump +1.. almost like getting to vote twice!

I hope our friends will push past their hesitancy to go against tradition and will CAST THEIR VOTE for the people who have been trying to help them for decades.

Or they can just stay home and hope somebody will eventually help them somehow.

I know what I would do if somebody put chains on me..


Anonymous said...

All the black people I know are voting Hillary, and I am dumbfounded at their ignorance. When I ask them why, they regurgitate the democratic lies and misinformation they have swallowed because they are too lazy to do the research and find the truth.

They are still pointing to the violence trump incited at his own rallies because they are too stupid to read a wikileak or watch a video that proves otherwise.

I laugh at the 30-somethings who blame us old folk. Well you all voted for Obama. I didn't, I knew better. How did that all work out for you?? And you want more of the same??? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

"All the black people I know are voting Hillary, and I am dumbfounded at their ignorance."

Consider the likelihood that many are just saying that.. I think most will keep their conservative leanings to themselves to avoid the inevitable harassment and name-calling they would surely receive.

Just keep hoping they will awaken, and do your loving best to help them see the light.