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Friday, August 05, 2016

Paul Nehlen: Paul Ryan’s Betrayal of GOP Nominee Beneath Dignity

JANESVILLE, WI — Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen blasted House Speaker Paul Ryan for his “repeated betrayals” of both Republican nominee, Donald Trump, and the American electorate, who “who want a leader that will put the interests of America and her citizens first.”

“Paul Ryan’s repeated betrayals of the GOP nominee is beneath the dignity of the Speakers’ office and is morally disqualifying,” Nehlen declared.

Nehlen’s statement follows Ryan’s decision to join “Hillary Clinton and the establishment media in rebuking Trump’s common sense immigration proposals” with his Sunday statement regarding the Khan family. Ryan then chose to “attack Trump’s trade policies” at an “elite donors retreat” hosted by the Koch brothers.



Anonymous said...

Ryan's just trying to curry favor with the ones who really pull the strings while establishment politicians reap the rewards of the faithful underlings.

Anonymous said...

Do the math. If Hillary wins in November, Ryan can run in 2020. It's all self-serving.