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Friday, August 05, 2016

Donald Trump supporters firmly behind him despite feud with Muslim family

ASHBURN, Va. — Donald Trump’s feud with a Muslim Gold Star family may be driving GOP leaders to fits, but the Republican presidential nominee’s supporters aren’t fazed at all, saying they remain firmly behind the billionaire businessman and his tough talk on Twitter.

Mr. Trump drew a huge crowd to a rally Tuesday in the Virginia suburbs of Washington — and also attracted a sizable number of protesters dressed in traditional Muslim clothes, who said he’s gone too far in attacking their religion.

Steve Meyer, 52, echoed the views expressed by many Trump supporters at the rally when he defended Mr. Trump’s use of Twitter and blamed the news media for creating the feud with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the Pakistani-born parents of a decorated Muslim U.S. soldier killed in Iraq who are speaking out against Mr. Trump.

Mr. Meyer, an engineer in Ashburn, also lashed out at Republican leaders who have sided with the Khans.



Anonymous said...

We understand that the son died a hero and representing the opposite of what his parent's are supporting.

Trump's feud is with the terrorists and the dumbocrats - good people hate both of those groups together!

Anonymous said...

WT forgot to mention that the Khans are DNC plants who agitate for Sharia supremacy over the US Constitution.......

Anonymous said...

THe only ones not behind Trump are the congressional libtards that stand to lose kickbacks when things are done correctly. All media are trying their best to discredit Trump
He just needs to stay focused on the old woman opposite him in this race.
Anyone with any common sense knows that if the lying witch is elected it will be more of the same non leadership we have had for the last eight years.

Anonymous said...

The rest of us are tired of their religion infringing on our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To not live in fear if they next bomb threat at a school will be real or fake. To not live wondering if under those robes are a small stock of explosives or weapons. To have the ability to speak their minds and not care if someone is offended, because if you were offended that means you know they are right in the first place! And if you don't like it go somewhere where your intolerance will be tolerated.


#Don't Tread On Me



Anonymous said...

The MSM doesnt get that we have tuned them out

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to help daddy meet his son, real soon!

Anonymous said...

There is no feud. There was muslim talking smack, but his son died several elections ago and he didn't have anything to say them, so what is his point now? He is a paid off shill.

So there is no "despite a feud".

There is a "despite the BS MSM lies, Trump supporters still support Trump".