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Friday, August 05, 2016

Democrats turn to lies to avoid the economy

A contrived media firestorm takes center stage and blurs reality

The conventions are over, thank goodness. And now we enter the campaign season for the presidency of the United States. The Democrats know they can’t win on the issues, so they rely on what they know best: lies, manipulation, distractions and ghoulish cynicism.

During the past week, the nation’s dire economic situation has become undeniable, but you wouldn’t know this as the legacy media, like the good poodles they are, fixate on a contrived media firestorm involving Khzir Khan, father of a soldier killed in Iraq, and his attack on Donald Trump at the Democratic convention.

During an interview on ABC with Clinton operative George Stephanopoulous, Mr. Trump responded to a question about Mr. Khan’s comments. The premise about sacrifice was Mr. Stephanopolous’. Mr. Trump offered condolences to Mr. Khan’s family, but Mr. Stephanopolous pressed him to discuss “sacrifice.” In other words, Mr. Trump was being set up.

You may not like Mr. Trump’s answers, but there was no attack on the family, and yet the media would have you believe that Mr. Trump now hates dead soldiers and their families.


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