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Friday, August 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s run-out-the-clock strategy

The Democrat aims to ignore the email and Foundation controversies, seeing a shrinking calendar as her friend.

She is not planning on sitting for another televised armchair confessional to rehash regrets about a private email server. Nor is the campaign setting up the kind of war room employed last year to discredit a book that aimed to expose a quid-pro-quo relationship between Clinton Foundation donors and State Department officials.

With 75 days until Election Day and new emails once again casting a pall over her campaign, Hillary Clinton aims to “run out the clock,” confidants say, on the latest chapters of the overlapping controversies that have dogged her campaign since the start.



Unknown said...

You can't even get a lawn sign promoting Hillary. THAT is how sure she is of herself getting the top job.


Steve said...

Again, Barney, where are the signs? Plenty of Trump signs an stickers out there, and there's more Bernie signs, but absolutely NO Hillary signs. That's because she already has the election in the bag. The computers are already programmed, the imaginary "polls" are predicting a tight race. and everything will go as planned. The only question left is, what will we be organized to do about it WHEN the "Decision" is made? Talk to your neighbors, and know where the friendly households are for when it happens. Store food, dry mostly.
Keep the faith,

Anonymous said...

why would you want one

Anonymous said...

9:27 PM - to start the nightly camp fire!