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Friday, August 26, 2016

News Alert: After backlash, EpiPen to lower cost to some patients

The pharmaceutical company at the center of the EpiPen price-gouging controversy has decided to lower the cost of its medication for some patients.

Mylan, which had hiked the price of the medication by more than 400 percent, announced plans to cover up to $300 - or roughly 50 percent - of the cost of a pack of two EpiPens for patients who were paying the full amount.

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Steve said...

in 2002, I was paying $20 for one in Salisbury, MD.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this will affect her $18,000,000 dollar salary. How can anyone make it on such a low income.

Anonymous said...

This is their position and it was stated by the Aids med CEO.

People have insurance and insurance pays for it, so whats the problem.

I guess he fails to see the bigger picture, how "we" eventually end up paying for everything one way or another.

He still thinks he is simply ripping off the insurance company.

Anonymous said...

"high-deductible health plans due in part to the Affordable Care Act and this has led to 'higher costs for their medicine.'" How can this be? They told us we would be paying less. And now Hillary says she will continue Obama's policies? At the expense of the middle class? Just another reason not to vote for her. The forgotten middle class is footing the bill for all this liberal nonsense and corruption, while Hillary and her rich supporters become richer, and take and give free stuff to illegals and refugees and those who don't work to earn their keep.

Anonymous said...

There's more money to be made raising the price of medicine and "rebating" the cost to the end user. I went through this with a medicine last fall. It fell into a class of drugs with a HUGE deductible, so the manufacturer would cover the deductible for me to get more sales.

I'm grateful that I got the meds, but why it was never a $50 copay and a lower cost is beyond me. It would have more or less washed out the same the cost to me, since I was in my out of pocket max that year.

Anonymous said...

@9:15 - you might pay less in premiums, if you qualify for subsidies. People never see further out than the immediate benefit.

But you'll pay a whole lot more to make it through those high deductibles before you even see insurance pay anything. And you'll pay a whole lot more if taxed appropriately to cover the deficit spending.

Pre-Obamacare, they were called catastrophic policies and very affordable. Post Obamacare, that's all that is being sold and they are very expensive. It's going to take a whole lot of losers to pay for that $500,000 cancer patient.

Anonymous said...

So I will probably still pay inflated price as my insurance co pay has not changed nor do I qualify for a reduced rate.. Notice they did not say how many people will benefit from the new reducation !!! Even with that if you are on a strictly restricted income 300.00 a pen is just as impossible as 600.00!

Anonymous said...

the word "some" is defined as:

- more than 1 but less than 3

As always, the beatings WILL continue until I see fit AND the morale around here improves!!!!

Signed - MGMT!

Anonymous said...

11:43 - yes

Anonymous said...

The CEO is daughter of Democrat senator from WV! There's your caring for the little people.

He was elected after the death of WV senator Robert Byrd, the former?? KKK leader.

You Democrats know how to pick your role models!

Anonymous said...

Greedy people! Everyone needs to start a campaign to force the FDA to allow other companies into the market place.

Anonymous said...

original company was bought. they lobbied for every school to have one for students. then they hiked the price. ain't democracy great?