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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hiding Hillary Day 269: Trump Camp Calls For Release Of All Clinton Foundation Correspondence

It has now been 269 days since Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a press conference.

The next event on Clinton’s public schedule is Wednesday, August 31, when she is slated to give a speech to the American Legion National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. The next event on her public schedule after that isn’t until September 7.

Today the Trump campaign released their “question of the day” for Hiding Hillary.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with that! Their foundation is set up in Canada.

Anonymous said...

She won't have a press conference because she can't control the content.

Anonymous said...

Media might as well get over how many days it has been since she has had a press conference - she is not, I repeat, is not, going to answer any questions about any of her wrong doing. Anyway, if she did answer, it would be a lie.